Car rental Zaandam

The Zaandam car rental solution that makes a difference. Car rental companies, there are many. But what makes them different? How do you decide where to rent your car from?

Is it price? The available brand or model? The service? The conditions—or more importantly, the hidden conditions?

It’s possibly a mix of all these things. You want a great deal on a great car and a smooth booking process.

There is nothing more annoying than additional costs being added at the last step of your booking process. Or when the shiny car on the internet turns out to be an old, smelly rustbucket. Or when the car you get is not even close to the brand or model you selected. These issues make renting a car a pain sometimes.

But not to worry! At INQAR Car Rental Adrie Jonk, renting a car is easy, cheap, and reliable. You’ve found the best car rental company in Zaandam!

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The best car rental company in Zaandam, and this is why!

At INQAR Adrie Jonk, you will get the very best across all aspects of renting a car. The best price, the best quality, the best choices, and the best service. We will explain!

We don’t have to tell you the advantages of renting a car above using public transport. Or how easily and comfortably you can get around with a car. Or all the places you can visit at your own pace and without braving the elements. Or that renting is a great solution when you just need a car temporarily.

You’ve already figured these benefits out! And now you are looking for a car rental in the Netherlands, either in Zaandam or within the region.

You want to know why you should rent a car with INQAR Adrie Jonk. And what makes INQAR car rental Adrie Jonk the best car rental company in Zaandam. Well, we offer:

  • the best deals
  • the largest fleet, including cars, vans, trucks, and special vans
  • all your favourite brands and models
  • new and well-maintained cars with low kilometres
  • the best service
  • clear terms and conditions

Check out our cars and prices

The advantages of renting a car at INQAR Car Rental Adrie Jonk

Are you looking for the best car rental in Zaandam? Discover why you should choose for INQAR Car Rental Adrie Jonk.

Rent a car within your budget

We offer the best deals on your rental car. Our prices are comparable with budget car rental companies. And you get even more value for your money because we add high-quality customer service, even with our low prices.

Rent your preferred brand and model

You will find your preferred car brand and model with us because we have the largest car fleet in the region. Choose from the best brands or any type of vehicle,

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Drive a reliable car that gets you to your destination safely and on timel

All our cars are relatively new, with low kilometres. Only professional technicians maintain our cars and all our vehicles are checked thoroughly before every rental. It speaks for itself that we hand you over a spick and span car every time.

Make the job easier with a special vanl

Transporting large items, taking a trip with several people, or going camping for the weekend? Just name it and we have the right vehicle for you.

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Also, for professional jobs, we offer temporary solutions:

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Trust the booking process: no surprisesl

When booking a rental car with us, you will see the total price upfront. We clearly explain what is and is not included in the cost. For example, the free kilometres. You can easily check out all the options, and we explain the insurance and additional insurance choices available. No hidden costs or unexpected surprises will show up during or after your booking process.

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Short- to long-term car rental

INQAR Car Rental Adrie Jonk has three branches in the province of North-Holland: Heerhugowaard, Purmerend, and Zaandam, so your pick-up and drop-off location is always nearby. Just choose the one that is most convenient for you.

We offer the service of delivering and picking up the car at your location at an extra cost.

You can rent a car for a day, a couple of days or for longer. For professional, long-term rental, we can offer you an affordable short-lease plan.

If you need a car on the spot, give us a call: +31(0)75 – 659 0123.